1. Organization & registration of Dairy Co-operative Societies.

2. The procurement, processing and marketing of the rurally produced milk.

3. Competitive milk price to milk producers.

4. Marketing of Milk & Milk Products to consumers at reasonable price.

5. Providing of E.M.T., AMSU to DCS level.

6. Animal Health Care & breed improvement for milk production enhancement.

7. Supply of balanced cattle feed through DCS to milk producers for their animals on No profit-No loss basis.

8. Artificial Insemination services for animals.

9. Deworming, Preventive inoculation, Saras Mineral powder & UMB for animals.

10. Saras Suraksha Kavach & Saras Samuhik Aarogya Beema Yojna for milk producing farmers.

11. Supply of better quality of Fodder seed at subsidized rates.

12. Intensive Clean Milk Production Programme.

13. Organizing training for DCS Secretary, DCS Milk Tester, DCS Managing Committee Members, refresher training for A.I. workers, training for First Aid Workers, CMP Etc.

14. Supply of Murrah Buffalo bulls & Gir bulls.

15. Induction of milch animals.

16. Veterinary First Aid services.

17. Extension activities.

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