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chairmansahab                                                            M.D sahab

Mr.Ramchandra Choudhary                                                        Mr.Gulab Bhatia

(Chairman)                                                                               (Managing Director)

NOTE: India's 1st Dairy-With Canless System.
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Ajmer Milk Union is a Co-operative organization registered in 1972 under Rajasthan Cooperative Societies act 1965. It is an affiliated milk union of Rajasthan Co-operative Dairy Federation Jaipur. Its area of operation is Ajmer district. Its motto is to procure milk through village level Dairy Cooperative Societies at a remunerative price at their door step round the year along with technical input services such as supply of cattle feed and feed supplement, Veterinary services such as breed improvement programme through, AI and Natural services, Animal treatment, Vaccination etc. And to make available safe and good quality milk and milk products to consumers at a competitive prices. Ajmer Milk Union has got a modern and technologically updated plant which can handle up to 2 lac liters of milk per day, having 10 MT capacity powder plant. Milk Union also takes care for all round development of its producers, which includes socio economic development. Most of milk producers are Small, Marginal or Landless.

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